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Directions and use

8. Restraints

This is a list of situations where the chemical MUST NOT be used; either because the chemical will not work in these situations or because it is too dangerous to use the chemical in these situations. Some chemicals do not have restraints.

If spray drift restraints apply, including mandatory no-spray zones, they will be listed here.

Drift margin instructions may include mandatory, legally enforceable instructions, such as:

  • droplet size
  • wind speeds when spraying
  • surface inversion conditions
  • record keeping
  • downwind no-spray zones

9. Directions for Use Table

Crop / Situation Pest / Weed State Application Rate WHP Critical Comments

Lists the crops or situations where the product can be used.

Lists the pests or weeds that the products can control.

Lists the states where the product can
be used.

Shows the
rate or range
of rates that should be used to apply the chemical.

Lists the withholding
period (WHP)
for each crop.

Lists important application details for each crop.


This statement is intended to limit the use of a product to purposes that have been assessed and approved by the APVMA. If you want to use a chemical in any way other than according to the label instructions, you may need to get a permit from the APVMA.

11. Withholding Period (WHP)

The time from when you apply the chemical, until you can pick the crop. You MUST NOT harvest a crop before the withholding period has expired. Some withholding periods may also apply to grazing of livestock on treated areas or cutting for stock feed.

Last updated on 14 July, 2011