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This content only applies to transition applications that were received before 1 July 2014. The content will be relevant for these applications until 30 June 2015.

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Registrant's Obligations

Displaying the Registration Number

When the APVMA approves a chemical product for registration it issues the applicant with a uniquely numbered notice of registration and/or label approval. This notice contains an APVMA (NRA) Approval Number which the registrant must display on all labeling for the product.

Reporting Adverse Experiences

Under the Agvet Code, registrants are obliged to inform the APVMA of any adverse experiences in relation to a registered product so that corrective action might be taken if there are problems.

Notification of New Information

If a registrant receives or generates information about a product that contradicts any information previously submitted to the APVMA or that indicates that the product may have an unintended harmful effect, they must inform the APVMA. Read the guideline for reporting new information (s160A & s161 of the Agvet Code).

Significant Chemical Changes

Registrants must also advise the APVMA of any significant change in the chemical characteristics of a product (such as an unforeseen breakdown in stability) or the performance of the product and of any corrective action that they propose to take.