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This content only applies to transition applications that were received before 1 July 2014. The content will be relevant for these applications until 30 June 2015.

For all other applications, including new applications, please visit

Submit and Monitor Applications Online - EARS

Applicants and registration consultants can submit and check the status of their applications for product registration and variation online using the APVMA’s Electronic Application and Registration System (EARS).

About the system

EARS is computer software that provides a secure means of submitting applications and supporting data to the APVMA via the Internet. The current release of EARS (version 2) allows applicants to electronically submit applications for categories 7, 8, 10, 12, 13 and 14.

The same system allows applicants to monitor the progress of their applications. The application status is updated nightly so that changes made today in the application tracking system will be reflected the following day in EARS.

Applicants please note: Changes to application clocks in the tracking system will reflect the date we receive your letters or information but depending on workload, the clock changes may take up to 10 days to take effect.

Use EARS to reduce the elapsed timeframe

Statistics gathered from EARS indicate that applications submitted using the system take, on average, 80 days less than if submitted by other means.

How to get EARS

The EARS software is available as a download from this page, or you can email EARS support for a copy on compact disc. You will need to complete a registration form to be issued with unique login details. Once registered, users can access email and telephone support.

System requirements

Your computer will need the following specifications to run the EARS software:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or above
  • 15MB HDD for installation
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive for CD installation
  • Internet access – (broadband recommended).

User Registration and Support