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This content only applies to transition applications that were received before 1 July 2014. The content will be relevant for these applications until 30 June 2015.

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Application Assessment, Consultation and Advice

Public Release Summaries

When the APVMA proposes to register a new chemical product with a new active ingredient, or to extend the use of an existing product from a non-food commodity to a human or animal food, public consultation occurs before a final decision is made. The APVMA prepares a Public Release Summary for new products containing new active constituents. These summaries include the outcome of the assessment and the conditions the APVMA proposes for the use of the product.

Trade Advice Notices

The APVMA uses Trade Advice Notices where a proposed registration or change in registration conditions has the potential to affect Australia's trade. The advice notice is distributed to farm and commodity organisation seeking comment.

Application and Advice Summaries

The APVMA publishes an Application Summary once an application has been accepted for assessment. When registration applications have been granted, the APVMA publishes an Advice Summary of the advice government departments and agencies and other specialists the APVMA has consulted have provided.