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Quality of Agricultural Products (AgQA)

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority ensures the quality of active constituents used in agricultural chemical products in the Australian marketplace through its AgQA Scheme. 

The AgQA Scheme is the Quality Assurance Scheme for Agricultural Active Constituents and Agricultural Chemical Products.

The scheme is based on a set of standards for active constituents. These standards set out the purity of the active constituent and the maximum allowable impurity level.

Conditions of Registration underpin the scheme. These conditions hold product registrants responsible for ensuring the active constituents in agricultural chemical products are sourced from an APVMA listed manufacturing site. They also require that the active constituents meet the relevant APVMA standards.

Under the scheme, the APVMA monitors compliance with the conditions through:

And the accuracy and validity of these records through:

AgQA draft review released

The APVMA has released a draft review into the AgQA Scheme (PDF, 596kb). See also the Terms of Reference for the AgQA Scheme Review (PDF 33kb) that were used as the basis for this review.

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Compliance and Enforcement

  • Report non-compliance
  • Report unregistered products and unapproved active constituents
  • Discuss your compliance obligations

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