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[Closed] Corporate Plan 2012-15 consultation extended

We've extended our consultation period on developing our Corporate Plan for 2012-15 until 13 February, 2012.


The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) is required by law to regularly produce a corporate plan and each year to produce an operational plan.

We are keen to get input and opinions that contribute to the development of our next three-year corporate plan, especially to ensure it is appropriate for the reforms that will take place during this period.

The APVMA Corporate Plan identifies the principal objectives of the APVMA in performing its functions and gives a broad outline of the strategies to achieve those objectives. The corporate plan guides the APVMA's operational activities over a period of three years.


In providing comments and feedback, stakeholders and other interested parties may wish to refer to objectives and strategies outlined in the APVMA Corporate Plan 2009-12 which is due to expire on 30 June 2012.

The objectives of the current plan are:

  • promoting confidence through consistent, predictable and transparent decision-making
  • enhancing awareness of how our regulatory activities protect people, the environment and trade
  • engaging with other government agencies to enhance regulatory efficiency
  • enhancing the capability of our people and our systems.

The strategies of the current plan are to:

  • use robust risk-based methods to scientifically evaluate pesticides and veterinary medicines used in Australia
  • keep all our stakeholders informed of regulatory matters and consider their views
  • review registered chemicals to ensure they meet contemporary standards
  • seek and use stakeholder feedback to inform regulatory activities
  • require and monitor compliance with legislative requirements to maintain confidence in the regulatory framework
  • identify and manage emerging regulatory issues
  • conduct our business efficiently and effectively
  • value our people.

Input sought

Comments on the development of the APVMA Corporate Plan 2012-15 should focus on two key questions:

  • What principal objectives should the APVMA identify for the period 201215?
  • What strategies should the APVMA pursue to achieve those objectives?

Comments are required by cob 13 February 2012 and can be sent by email, fax or letter to:

Program Manager
Corporate Services
Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
PO Box 6182

Telephone: 02 6210 4844
Fax: 02 6210 4874

Last updated on 14 February, 2012