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[Closed] We're listening: a new communication and consultation policy for the APVMA

[Closed] Communication and consultation discussion paper

The APVMA is entering into significant reforms and as stakeholders have always been important contributors to the effective and efficient operation of the organisation. We want your views on how to improve the way we work with you through the development of a formal communication and consultation policy. We issued a discussion paper in February and are currently considering the views put forward. We will shortly issue a draft communication and consultation paper for comment..

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Please note that the APVMA may be involved in a range of consultations and discussions with stakeholders relating to reform of the agency's governing legislation in early 2012. It is outside of the scope of the discussion paper to consider comments and submissions that address these matters. If you are interested in these matters, please view information available on the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry's website, (external site).

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