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Update on status of mouse baiting options

5 October 2011

With much publicity on the availability of products for mouse baiting across southern Australia, it is important for the Authority to clarify the current status of approved options.

Expiry of emergency use permits for alternative supplies of mouse bait

Three emergency use permits were issued earlier this year to allow alternative supplies of unregistered mouse baits containing zinc phosphide formulated using unsterilised grain. One of these permits, issued in June 2011, allowed certain regional mixing stations to manufacture and supply unregistered bait. These permits expired on 30 September 2011.

All regional mixing stations must now have ceased operations and no further bait may be manufactured or supplied from those stations.

If I obtained bait under an emergency use permit can it still be used?

Yes. The APVMA has issued three new permits to allow stocks of bait obtained under the emergency use permits to be used until 30 November 2011. Those permits allowing use of the three products are:

  • PER13136 4Farmers Zinc Phosphide Unsterilized Mouse Bait
  • PER13117 MouseOff ZP Econobait
  • PER13144 SureFire Zinc Phosphide Mouse Bait Unsterilized Bait

Why have the emergency use permits not been extended?

The three emergency use permits were issued specifically to deal with bait availability problems encountered earlier this year. This was due to currently registered products being in short supply at that time. Current information available to the APVMA is that stocks of registered products are now again available and there is sufficient registered product to meet current demands.

What are the alternative and currently approved baiting options with zinc phosphide?

There are three products registered by the APVMA containing zinc phosphide as a mouse bait. Those registered products are:

  • MouseOff Zinc Phosphide Bait
  • SureFire Zinc Phosphide Mouse Bait
  • ZP Mouse Zinc Phosphide Bait

Landholders seeking to obtain bait should contact either their local supplier or product manufacturer to source stocks of registered baits. The APVMA encourages growers to plan ahead with purchases and forecast as early as possible in seeking to obtain bait.

Will the APVMA allow regional mouse bait mixing stations to resume?

The APVMA will continue to monitor the availability of registered bait products. Should a shortage in supply of registered bait products occur again and be verified by state authorities, it will consider a new emergency permit. For any new permit, the APVMA must also be satisfied that:

  • APVMA permit conditions are adhered to; and
  • requirements to ensure the use of a Schedule 7 (dangerous poison) can be controlled in accordance with state legislative requirements.

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