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Mouse bait mixing sites allowed to resume operation until 30 September

23 September 2011

Following the voluntary closure of a number of mouse bait mixing sites across southern Australia, the APVMA has been trying to ascertain the availability of registered zinc phosphide products to meet the mouse baiting needs in each state. The decisions to increase production quotas at mouse bait mixing sites, to authorise new sites and to renew the emergency permit past 30 September all rely on a verified shortage in supply of registered product to meet the demand.

Advice from state authorities and the National Mouse Management Working Group (external site) indicates that there is a sufficient stock of registered products to meet the demand in most states, however we recognise that farmers may be delaying decisions about purchasing registered bait products in the hope that regional bait mixing sites will reopen or increase production. As a result, it appears that a lack of orders for registered bait products has restricted their distribution and inventory has remained at warehouses, rather than at regional network locations.

In order to:

  • allow time for registered bait products to flow through the supply chain
  • provide predictability for farmers in purchasing options

the Authority has today informed the permit holder that, under the existing emergency permit:

  • production quotas for a range of authorised sites have been increased
  • new sites have received authorisation to operate and produce up to 30 tonnes of treated grain at each site

until 30 September 2011.

Increased quotas for existing sites of 30 tonne each provided for:

  • NSW Moulamein & Walbundrie
  • SA Cowell

New sites authorised for production of 30 tonne each:

  • NSW Wagga Wagga & Gulargambone
  • SA Balaklava, Lock, Wirrulla & Wudinna
  • VIC Berriwillock

Existing sites currently authorised for production under existing allocations already granted:

  • NSW Finley & Forbes
  • SA Crystal Brook & Kadina

What happens post 30 September 2011?

Use of bait supplied before permit expiry

As the existing permit expires on 30 September, the APVMA will soon be issuing another permit to allow purchased stocks of bait to be used legally after 30 September 2011.

Permit renewal

For future permits the APVMA will continue to monitor the availability of registered bait products. Should a shortage in supply of registered bait products be verified by state authorities, it will consider a new emergency permit. For any new permit, the APVMA must be satisfied that:

  • APVMA permit conditions are adhered to; and
  • requirements to ensure the use of a Schedule 7 (dangerous poison) can be controlled in accordance with state legislative requirements.

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