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Update on status of mouse bait mixing sites

16 September 2011

With much publicity on the closure of mouse bait mixing sites across southern Australia, it is important for the Authority to clarify the current status of mouse bait mixing sites.

Closure of mouse bait mixing sites due to production quotas

The permit holder for regional manufacture and supply of zinc phosphide treated grain has reported to the APVMA that they have voluntarily closed operations at a number of sites because they have reached their self-nominated production quota for those sites.

Will the 'authorised' mouse bait mixing sites be allowed to produce more?

Production quotas for each authorised site were nominated by the permit holder, not the APVMA. The APVMA authorised these quotas to meet a shortfall in supply of registered product at that time.

The APVMA received requests to increase the quotas for some sites on 14 September 2011. Our decision to increase quotas depends on the current availability of registered products in the marketplace. Product costs are not a factor that the APVMA can consider under its legislation.

We are currently seeking advice from state authorities and the National Mouse Management Working Group and looking to make a decision on increased quotas within the next few days.

Closure of mouse bait mixing sites due to unauthorised operation

Last week, APVMA Compliance inspections confirmed that sites at Berriwillock VIC and Wagga Wagga NSW were breaching permit conditions because the sites were not authorised to be operating. As a result of the inspections, the permit holder voluntarily closed these sites.

Will previously unauthorised sites receive approval to operate?

The current emergency permit expires on 30 September 2011. Until that time, the APVMA can consider authorising sites to mix a dangerous (Schedule 7) poison with grain if:

  • the permit holder provides evidence that state legislative requirements can be met. It is the permit holder's responsibility to obtain these state approvals and provide them to the APVMA.
  • there is a verified shortfall in the supply of registered products.

We are currently in the process of gathering information to allow us to consider further authorisations.

Which sites are authorised?

To date, the APVMA has authorised seven regional bait mixing sites, which have received the necessary state approvals:

  1. Walbundrie, NSW
  2. Forbes, NSW
  3. Finley, NSW
  4. Moulamein, NSW
  5. Kadina, South Australia
  6. Crystal Brook, South Australia
  7. Cowell, South Australia

Renewal of permit

Will the permit be renewed past 30 September?

Permit 12837 issued in June 2011 allows the permit holder to mix zinc phosphide with unsterilised grain at authorised regional bait mixing sites, for supply to farmers.

An application to renew the permit past 30 September 2011 was received by the APVMA on 6 September 2011 and is currently under assessment.

The decision to renew the emergency permit will take into consideration:

  • the current availability of registered products in the marketplace
  • the likelihood of an ongoing mouse plague across southern Australia
  • adherence to permit conditions, which stipulate how a Schedule 7 poison should be controlled

We are currently seeking advice from state authorities and the National Mouse Management Working Group. It is anticipated that all the information required by the APVMA will be provided within a week.

Options available to farmers

Permits currently available for mouse control (as at 16 September 2011) include:

Permit No. Description States Date Issued Expiry Date
PER11331 LHPA Bromadiolone Rodent Bait / Crop perimeter baiting NSW 31-Mar-09 30-Jun-16
PER12837 4Farmers Zinc Phosphide Unsterilized Mouse Bait / Supply and use of an unregistered product NSW, QLD, VIC, SA & WA 17-Jun-11 30-Sep-11
PER12845 LHPA Coumatetralyl Rodent Bait / Around farm buildings NSW 25-May-11 30-Jun-16
PER12868 Zinc Phosphide (registered products) / Commercial & Industrial Premises (external treatment) / Mice NSW, QLD, VIC & SA 23-May-11 30-Jun-12
PER12899 MouseOff ZP Econobait / Supply & use of unsterilised grain bait NSW, QLD, VIC & SA 07-Jun-11 30-Sep-11
PER12909 SureFire Zinc Phosphide Mouse Bait Unsterilized Bait / Supply & use of unsterilised grain bait NSW, QLD, VIC & SA 07-Jun-11 30-Sep-11
PER12921 ZP Mouse Zinc Phosphide Bait / Supply of 160 kg pack size ALL STATES 09-Jun-11 31-Oct-11

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