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Mixing of unregistered and off-label chemicals reported

9 June 2011

The APVMA has received reports of on-farm mixing of unregistered and off-label chemicals with grain to manufacture mouse baits. The APVMA has not authorised these practices which it views with great concern because of the risks unassessed uses present to public safety and the environment. The APVMA Compliance Team, along with its state partners to the National Registration Scheme, will be investigating these reports of illegal activity.

While the APVMA recognises the challenges that farmers are currently experiencing with the current mouse plague, it strongly advises against the use of unregistered products or off-label uses of agricultural chemicals as control measures. These unauthorised uses have the potential for significant human health risks and environmental impacts and may threaten Australia's trade relationships with other countries.

Farmers should ensure that all products they are being supplied are registered and used in accordance with existing label directions.

The APVMA has issued a number of emergency use permits to allow registered zinc phosphide products:

  1. to be manufactured with unsterilised grain due to shortages being experienced in the availability of sterilised grain (Permit 12899 (PDF, 436kb) and Permit 12909 (PDF, 97kb))
  2. for their use around commercial and industrial premises (Permit 12868 (PDF, 50kb)
  3. for supply in bulka bags (Permit 12741 (PDF, 172kb).

Permits have also been issued to NSW Livestock Health and Pest Authorities to allow the supply for use of baits manufactured from bromadiolone (crop perimeter baiting - Permit 11331 (PDF, 172kb)) and coumatetralyl (around farm buildings - Permit 12845 (PDF, 66kb)).

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