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Simazine Pool Concerns Being Assessed

18 May 2009

Updated 28 July 2010

Community concerns about the use of simazine as an algicide in swimming pools will be addressed in a review of simazine.

This review will enable all available scientific evidence to be properly assessed and for a regulatory decision to be made if an identified risk to children’s health in particular, or human health in general, is substantiated.

Information currently available, however, does not suggest that the risk to human health from simazine in swimming pools is likely to be great.

There are over 500 chemical products available on the Australian market to treat algae in swimming pools. Only 11 of these contain simazine.

Advice from the pool and spa industry suggests that simazine products have around five percent of the market and are typically used to treat pools over winter when they are not being used.

Information is currently being gathered for assessment prior to the commencement of the review. Should that information suggest a risk that cannot be managed, the APVMA is able to take immediate regulatory action.

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