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APVMA Moves Toward Suspending Use of Diazinon for Sheep Dipping and Jetting

21 February 2007

Yesterday, 20 February 2007, the APVMA Board considered the continued registration of diazinon products for the dipping and jetting of sheep, in the light of submissions to the Preliminary Review Findings (PRF) report released in June 2006. Amongst other recommendations, the PRF proposed the discontinuation of dipping and jetting uses of diazinon products because of unacceptable occupational health and safety (OH&S) impacts on rural workers.

The APVMA received 28 submissions. The Board found that none of these adequately addressed the key OH&S concern identified in relation to traditional sheep dipping and jetting operations.

The Board agreed in principle to proceed towards suspending the registration of diazinon products for dipping and jetting sheep. Suspension would mean that new stocks of product would have to carry instructions specifying that diazinon could not be used for traditional sheep dipping and jetting operations.
Consistent with normal process, the APVMA will now write to product registrants giving them a final opportunity to show why their products should not be suspended.

A final decision regarding this proposed suspension will be made after consideration of registrant responses. Any such suspension would address the key OH&S concern, ahead of finalization of other aspects of the diazinon review.

If it decides to suspend registration the Board proposes to allow the continued use of existing diazinon stocks held by farmers, in accordance with current label instructions, during the period of suspension.

In consultation with the Office of Chemical Safety (OCS), the APVMA is considering new data which may enable the use of diazinon to continue in an automated ‘cage dipping’ system currently operating in Australia.

The APVMA encourages further development of alternative technologies for lice control, including automated dipping systems, provided adequate data demonstrate worker safety.

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