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APVMA response to issues arising from recombination of vaccine viruses in the field

9 November 2012

On 13 July 2012 the international journal Science (external site) published a paper detailing Australian research showing that certain live attenuated virus vaccines can recombine to form new and more virulent strains of the field virus. In response the APVMA committed to a range of actions to manage the specific risk relating to poultry live vaccines and the potential for recombination of live vaccine strains in other species.

Since that time the APVMA has met with representatives of the poultry industry and vaccine registrants. Registrants have voluntarily agreed to add a statement to their product labels warning of the risks of using different vaccines originating from genetically distinct strains used concurrently in a flock or one site. These label changes have already been approved by APVMA and should be in place on all products by 31 July 2013.

A working group to develop new data requirements to assess the potential for live vaccines to recombine is expected to meet in early 2013.


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