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Submissions for the APVMA review of diuron have now closed

4 October 2011

The APVMA has received a large number of submissions in response to the publication of the diuron environment and human health assessment reports. Submissions have come from individuals, user groups, environmental groups, research organisations, state government departments and product registrants. The information contained in these submissions in some cases is very extensive and not previously considered by the APVMA.

The APVMA will now assess in detail this new information and make final conclusions on the future of diuron use in Australia. Given the substantial nature of some submissions, this assessment is expected to take a significant period of time. Therefore the APVMA intends to take interim action through a proposed suspension of product registrations, while further information is assessed in conjunction with DSWEPaC.

The APVMA, in consultation with the state and territory agencies, will now consider what instructions for use need to apply to diuron during the proposed suspension period. Some diuron product registrants have proposed new use instructions for their products and these will also be taken into consideration.

Any new instructions would be intended to reduce the risks in the short-term whilst the new information is being considered and a final long-term outcome for diuron use is determined.

An announcement regarding the proposed suspension and associated instructions for use is anticipated mid November 2011.

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