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Proposed suspension of dimethoate

22 August 2011

As part of its review of dimethoate, the APVMA has completed the latest Residues and Dietary Risk Assessment (released 22 August 2011) and found that its use on many crops exceeds the health standard established in January this year.

The assessment concluded that some of the estimated exposures for consumers are above the health standard, reducing, but not breaching the margins of safety that are normally in place to protect consumers from short-term dietary risks.

The APVMA therefore proposes to suspend dimethoate products as an interim regulatory action while it completes further assessments on the chemical. This would effectively prohibit the use of dimethoate on certain horticultural crops, including fruit fly treatments of many fruits and vegetables.

The APVMA has taken the first step toward a possible suspension by asking dimethoate product registrants and permit approval holders to ‘show cause’ as to why the proposed action should not be taken.

Industry and grower groups have also been invited to submit information or data that may change the outcome of the dietary risk assessment by 13 September 2011.

Following 13 September, the APVMA will consider the information received and determine the appropriate regulatory action.

If regulatory action, such as suspension is to be taken, it will take effect by the end of September 2011, prior to the commencement of the main post-harvest dipping season. At that time, the APVMA will specify restrictions on use and provide related information to all stakeholders.

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