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APVMA response to mouse plague - emergency permits update

21 June 2011

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has now issued eight emergency use permits to help farmers treat the extensive mouse plague facing a number of states. An emergency use permit provides authority to use an unregistered product or active constituent (or one registered for a different purpose) in an emergency situation.

These permits allow zinc phosphide bait products to be:

  • formulated with unsterilised grain at both existing and regional formulation sites for supply and use
  • used around commercial and industrial premises
  • supplied and used in alternate bulk containers

Other permits allow the supply and use of bromadialone and coumatetralyl baits in specific circumstances.

No permits have been issued to allow on farm bait mixing of zinc phosphide.

A summary table of available permits is listed below. Some of these permits were issued prior to the current mouse plague. Others were received and assessed by the APVMA during May and June 2011.  

The APVMA has now assessed all applications for emergency use permits for mouse bait that it has received. Since August 2010, the APVMA has engaged with farming groups, state government officials and chemical companies to discuss mice control issues and identify a range of options involving the use of zinc phosphide. It has advised these groups of the data required for options to satisfy the APVMA that proposed emergency use permits will be safe for users, the public, the environment and trade.

Following reports of illegal on-farm bait mixing of unregistered and off-label chemicals with grain to manufacture mouse bait, the APVMA wishes to again caution farmers against unauthorised uses of chemicals for mice control. Illegal use can present significant risks to public health and the environment and may threaten Australia’s trade relationships with other countries.

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Permits currently available for mice control (current as at 21 June 2011)

Permit No. Description States Date Issued Expiry Date
PER11331 LHPA Bromadiolone Rodent Bait / Crop perimeter baiting NSW 31-Mar-09 30-Jun-16
PER12741 Mouseoff Zinc Phosphide Bait / Supply of 500 kg bulka bag NSW, QLD, VIC, SA & WA 23-Mar-11 31-Aug-11
PER12837 4Farmers Zinc Phosphide Unsterilized Mouse Bait / Supply and use of an unregistered product NSW, QLD, VIC, SA & WA 17-Jun-11 30-Sep-11
PER12845 LHPA Coumatetralyl Rodent Bait / Around farm buildings NSW 25-May-11 30-Jun-16
PER12868 Zinc Phosphide (registered products) / Commercial & Industrial Premises (external treatment) / Mice NSW, QLD, VIC & SA 23-May-11 30-Jun-12
PER12899 MouseOff ZP Econobait / Supply & use of unsterilised grain bait NSW, QLD, VIC & SA 07-Jun-11 30-Sep-11
PER12909 SureFire Zinc Phosphide Mouse Bait Unsterilized Bait / Supply & use of unsterilised grain bait NSW, QLD, VIC & SA 07-Jun-11 30-Sep-11
PER12921 ZP Mouse Zinc Phosphide Bait / Supply of 160 kg pack size ALL STATES 09-Jun-11 31-Oct-11

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