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Changes to the APVMA website homepage

21 January 2011

Late last year, website users were given the opportunity to provide feedback about the website by answering a short survey. We received some very useful feedback from this process, and a summary of the results is provided below.

  • a total of 57 people answered the survey
  • 68% of respondents indicated that they are generally happy with the website
  • 29% indicated that they have some difficulty, particularly with the navigation

We also received a number of useful comments and suggestions for improving the website and the navigation generally.

As a result of this feedback, the right-hand menu on the APVMA homepage will be updated to provide links to the most frequently visited pages and systems on the website. The left-hand menu will also be updated to include the words 'Active Constituents' under the item currently named 'Registered Products and Chemical Reviews'.

See a preview of what the homepage will look like.

These changes will take effect on Monday 31 January 2011.

If you have any further suggestions for the website, or would like to make a comment on these changes, please email

Last updated on 21 January, 2011