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Update on the APVMA’s regulation of spray drift

17 November 2010

The APVMA has published an update on our approach to mitigating the risks of spray drift.  This information is designed to help the agricultural industry and the wider community better understand the approach the APVMA is taking.

Development of the Drift Reducing Technology incentives program

The APVMA is developing a ‘Drift Reducing Technology (DRT) Incentives Program’ to promote and encourage the adoption of new and improved technologies and better spray drift management methods.

Details of the DRT Program are still being refined, and the APVMA will introduce the program over the coming months.  Information so far includes:

  • an introduction and background to the program
  • who the DRT program is for and how it will work
  • examples of possible DRT incentives
  • the future of the program

Find out more about the DRT Program.

Release of a supplement to the March 2010 operational notice

The APVMA has released a supplement to the operational notice that was published in March 2010. This supplement does not negate any information or requirements in the previous notice, but provides additional information in relation to the APVMA’s spray drift risk management, including:

  • new spray drift related application requirements
  • additional information related to spray drift regulation

See the November 2010 supplementary spray drift operational notice.

Updating of the standard spray drift risk assessment scenarios

Based on the most recent scientific data that the APVMA has assessed, we have updated the standard spray drift risk assessment scenarios.  Along with the updating of existing scenarios, two new scenarios have been added:

  • Aerial Agricultural Fixed Wing - All Size Applications - ULV Oil
  • Forestry Fixed-Wing - level – bananas

See the standard spray drift risk assessment scenarios.

Status of the current spray drift reviews of MCPA and 2,4-D

The APVMA has assessed all the submissions it received in response to the public consultation of the MCPA and 2,4-D review scope documents. Some of the matters raised in the submissions included providing incentives to users who adopt drift reduction technologies, and further clarification of what might constitute non-target organisms.

See the full update of the MCPA and 2,4-D spray drift reviews.


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