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Atrazine mode-of-action update report completed

30 June 2010

The APVMA has published a report that reviews research published prior to March 2009 that has suggested potential new modes-of-action (MOA) for atrazine that may be relevant to human health risk assessment.

This report Atrazine Toxicity: Analysis of Potential Modes of Action (PDF, 633kb) considers this research from a regulatory perspective.

The report considers three potential MOAs, and provides preliminary information on a possible fourth.

The report concludes that adequate information to establish a plausible link between atrazine exposure and an identified endpoint was found for only one MOA but the MOA was considered not to be relevant to human health risk assessment. In relation to the other proposed MOAs, further studies are needed to explore whether these MOAs can be established as plausible, and then their relevance to human health risk assessment.

The results of this analysis do not suggest that a further scientific review of atrazine toxicity is warranted, or provide a basis to undertake a re-evaluation of the existing health values.

This report is intended to provide a technical update for consideration by the community, to articulate thinking and to identify areas where future work may be forthcoming.

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