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Legislation to reform chemical regulation passes both houses of Parliament

25 June 2010
Updated 5 July 2010

Legislative amendments have passed both Houses of Parliament that will initiate improvements to the registration processes of the APVMA. The amendments will come into effect once they have received Royal Assent, and will result in the following.

Remove the requirement for the APVMA to approve a final printed label

This amendment expands on the APVMA’s Early Harvest Reform currently under consideration. Registrants and applicants will no longer be required to provide a final printed label in order to obtain product registration. They will also be able to make certain changes to labels without prior approval from the APVMA. The Regulations, which are currently being drafted, will set out the types of changes that can be made. The APVMA considers that this amendment will bring considerable efficiencies to the registration process.

Reduce the authorisation requirements for approved persons

Companies that are incorporated in Australia will no longer need to specify in writing to the APVMA those persons from within their companies who are authorised to discuss the application with the APVMA.  The APVMA expends considerable time in checking whether an authorised person has signed items of correspondence from companies.  The amendment will put an end to this practice.

Allow variations to certain registration particulars without APVMA assessment

The amendments provide for the APVMA to determine a legislative instrument that will set out those changes to registration particulars and active constituent approvals that will be processed by the APVMA without any technical or administrative assessment.

More information

Further information on the commencement of the changes and their implementation will be posted on the website as it comes to hand. The APVMA has also written to all registrants and applicants to advise of these changes.

See the media release (external site) from the Hon. Tony Burke, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

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