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Position Statement – Vaccination Protocols for Dogs and Cats

21 January 2010
Revised 25 January 2010

The annual vaccination of dogs and cats has been common practice in Australia and elsewhere. The international veterinary community is now increasingly supporting the position that annual re-vaccination with core vaccines is not required on a life-long basis.

In reviewing the current evidence and literature on vaccination protocols for dogs and cats, the APVMA:

  1. acknowledges that in some unusual circumstances, such as communities with high prevalence of infection and incomplete vaccination records, annual revaccinations may be advisable - however, the aim should be to ensure that all susceptible animals are vaccinated, rather than that already well-immunised animals are re-vaccinated
  2. does not support the retention of label statements that direct or imply a universal need for life-long annual revaccinations with core vaccines
  3. supports the Australian Veterinary Association's vaccination policy and is of the view that product labels should be amended to align with that policy
  4. is working with vaccine registrants with a view to updating labels.

See the APVMA's full position statement on vaccination protocols for dogs and cats.