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Certificates of GMP Compliance must be originals or certified copies

18 December 2009

Certificates and other documents, submitted as evidence that a foreign manufacturer complies with the APVMA’s standards for good manufacturing practice (GMP), must be originals or copies that are certified by the issuing authority or a notary public.

Submitted documents must also be legible and complete, and submitted by mail.  Faxed, photocopied, scanned and emailed copies are not acceptable. These documentary requirements are set out in the ‘Guidelines and Requirements for Providing Evidence of GMP Status of Overseas Manufacturers (PDF, 228kb)’.

While these requirements have been in place since the Overseas GMP Scheme commenced in February 2005, they will be strictly enforced for documents received after 1 February 2010.  This is a necessary safeguard to ensure the validity of all documents submitted for assessment by the APVMA.

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