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Review of the Regulation of Water Sanitisers for Industrial Use

29 May 2009

The APVMA is seeking comment on the scoping document for a review of the regulation of sanitisers used to treat water which might be considered to be agricultural or veterinary chemical products.

Following the work of the Taskforce on Reducing Regulatory Burdens on Business (the “Banks Review”) and the recent Productivity Commission study of Chemicals and Plastics Regulation there is a strong focus on reducing the burden of regulation to that which is necessary to manage risk and on managing duplication across the various regulatory frameworks (Commonwealth and state). In early 2008 a number of ‘early harvest’ reforms were developed through the Ministerial Taskforce on Chemicals and Plastics Regulation Reform that could be progressed in conjunction with any recommendations arising from the Productivity Commission study. At it’s meeting in July 2008 the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to a number of reforms, including:

 Reform 5: The Australian Government should progress industry reforms for regulating water sanitisers for industrial use.”

In relation to this reform COAG agreed to the Australian Government progressing a review into industry reforms for regulating water sanitisers for industrial use and has requested that the Commonwealth present recommendations on reforming the regulation of these products for endorsement at a subsequent COAG meeting.

The review is necessary as there is some potential overlap of regulation of water treatment chemicals between the APVMA and other regulators and some lack of clarity as to the appropriate level of regulation and regulator for these types of products. There is therefore the need to better define the role of each agency in regulating these chemicals.

The review will consider:

  • The types of products used to treat water (within the parameters described in the document)
  • Current regulations and regulators governing these products
  • Any areas of regulatory duplication
  • The most appropriate level of regulation for the various product types
  • The optimal regulatory framework through which regulation should be delivered (NICNAS, APVMA, TGA)
  • Recommendations for the nature of requirements for any product types to be regulated by the APVMA.

Once this scoping document has been finalised from a technical perspective the review will be progressed through the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Further information

The Review of the Regulation of Water Sanitisers for Industrial Use - Scoping document and the contact details to submit your comments are available in the Public Consultation section.