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Changes to Fungicide Labels

19 January 2009

Labels for all fungicide products require updating to reflect changes to activity group codes introduced on 27 October 2008.

The correct activity group and associated resistance management statements must appear on all fungicide product labels before 27 October 2011.

The new fungicide activity groups (CropLife website) and associated Fungicide Resistance Management Strategies appear on the CropLife Australia website and will be incorporated into the Ag Labeling Code as soon as practicable.

The fungicide activity group code number and specified resistance management statements on registered fungicide product labels can be updated under APVMA

Permit PER6868 without a specific application to the APVMA, provided they meet the conditions as set out in the permit document.

Permit number 6868 is a permit for supplying a registered chemical product with a label, which is not identical to the approved label. Under this permit label approval holders do not need to make an application to the APVMA to vary the approved label where the variations are within the conditions of this permit. Part A, Formatting changes No. 18 allows for "Mandatory changes to pesticide mode of action group letters or numerals and pesticide resistance management statements for resistance management strategies, that are in accordance with the Agricultural Labeling Code." Use the Permits Database to access PER6868.

For further information on changes to activity groups email or call the pesticides contact officer (02) 62104748.

Why have the fungicide activity group codes been changed?

Changes to the fungicide activity group codes have arisen from a recent CropLife Australia initiative to review the fungicide activity group classification system. The APVMA supports these changes as they align the Australian fungicide activity group system more closely with the international system. The codes for all chemical activity groups have been changed from letters to numbers (or letter/number combinations). Most fungicides have stayed in the same chemical activity group and only the codes for the groups have changed. The revised Fungicide Resistance Management Strategies now contain the new activity group code numbers.

What label changes are necessary?

Labels for all fungicide products require updating to reflect changes to activity group codes and specified resistance management statements so that they will be consistent with the revised Fungicide Resistance Management Strategies. The Fungicide Activity Group Table on the CropLife Australia website lists the approved active constituents in each activity group and the trade name of the first registered product or successor. During the phase-in period for new labels, the Fungicide Activity Group Table will list the old and new activity group codes for all fungicide active constituents in products registered in Australia.

Additional information on fungicide activity groups and resistance management

Additional information on how fungi develop resistance is also available on the CropLife Australia website.