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Public asked to report unregistered insect baits being sold in Sydney variety stores

Date: 18 May 2010
Ref: 2010/09

‘Illegal imports of unregistered pesticide products being sold in some Sydney stores present potential risks to human health and the environment,’ APVMA spokesperson Neville Matthew said today.

‘Two products – ‘Miraculous Insecticide Chalk’ and ‘Wanhoualou Cockroach Bait’ – recently found being offered for sale in variety stores and Asian grocers have not been assessed for their safety and have not been approved for sale in Australia’.

‘Of particular concern is the risk Miraculous Insecticide Chalk could pose to children. It can easily be mistaken for blackboard chalk and the packaging does not have appropriate first aid information.’

‘Stocks from a number of stores were seized and will be destroyed but it is believed other stores may still stock them so we are seeking assistance from the public’.

‘The public can assist by reporting any instances where these products are offered for sale by ringing the APVMA Compliance Hotline of 1300 700 315 during business hours’.

‘Cooperation with local councils that led to these seizures will continue with the aim of identifying retail outlets illegally selling these chemicals’.

Supplying unregistered agricultural and veterinary chemical products is an offence, punishable by significant fines - $165,000 for a company and individuals $33,000 and the APVMA has wide powers to recall, prevent supply, seize or dispose of unregistered chemicals.

Photos of these products are available below.


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Download the PDF/RTF version of this media release: Public asked to report unregistered insect baits being sold in Sydney variety stores (PDF, 32kb) | (RTF, 158kb)

Photos of the products

Miraculous Chalk
Miraculous Chalk
Enlarge photo
Cockroach & Antbait
Enlarge photo
Cockroach & Antbait