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Serve-Ag Cautioned for Supplying Unregistered Agricultural Chemicals

Date: 12 February 2010
Ref: 2010/02

The Tasmanian agricultural advisory company Serve-Ag Pty Ltd has been cautioned by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for supplying two unregistered agricultural chemicals.

‘Serve-Ag marketed a herbicide adjuvant it had developed prior to seeking registration with the APVMA. It also supplied a herbicide outside the terms of a research permit’, Mr Neville Matthew, spokesperson for the APVMA said today.

The breaches were detected through the APVMA’s regime of enhanced compliance monitoring.

‘Under this regime, a supplier anywhere in Australia could be visited by APVMA staff’, Mr Matthew said.

‘The registration process is designed to ensure that only chemicals whose safety has been assured are permitted onto the Australian market.’

Supplying unregistered agricultural and veterinary chemical products is an offence, punishable by significant fines - $165,000 for a company and individuals $33,000 and the APVMA has wide powers to recall, prevent supply, seize or dispose of unregistered chemicals.

‘In this particular situation a caution was appropriate as the company had an unblemished record and quickly sought to return to compliance’, Mr Matthew said.

Consumers can check the status of products via our website at no cost through the PUBCRIS database.

Anyone with information about the sale of unregistered agricultural chemicals or veterinary medicines can call the APVMA Compliance Hotline 1300 700 315 Monday to Friday during normal office hours.


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