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Regulator and eBay Australia Combine to Provide Confidence to Consumers

Date: 11 June 2009
Ref: 2009/07

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has taken steps to ensure that Australian consumers can now buy agricultural and veterinary chemicals through eBay with confidence.

In collaboration with the APVMA, eBay Australia has now developed a policy whose purpose is to prevent the sale of unregistered agricultural and veterinary chemicals on the online bidding site.

Agricultural and veterinary chemicals in Australia must be assessed and registered before they are allowed onto the Australian market.

Registered products, which have the acronym NRA or APVMA followed by a series of numbers on the product label, have been tested and found to be safe if used according to label instructions.

Under the new policy, eBay Australia will act on advice from the APVMA and cancel any item proposed for sale that appears to be an unregistered agricultural or veterinary chemical.

The APVMA will follow up cases of unregistered chemicals appearing on eBay with possible adverse outcomes for sellers ranging from warnings to prosecution of individuals or businesses.

Consumers can search the APVMA's PUBCRIS database to determine if products are registered.

Consumers who find unregistered agricultural and veterinary chemical products being offered for sale in Australia can report these to the APVMA by email to or by phone (02) 6210 4799.

The eBay policy regarding Unregistered Agricultural and Veterinary Chemical Products (external site) is also available from eBay's website.


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