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APVMA Suspends the use of Diazinon for Sheep Dipping and Jetting

9 May 2007

ref: mr04/07

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), the independent national regulator of agricultural and veterinary chemicals, has suspended the use of diazinon for sheep dipping and jetting.

Accordingly, labels of the five diazinon products that are currently approved for dipping and jetting sheep have been suspended. Newly-manufactured stocks of these products will carry label instructions specifying that diazinon must not be used for dipping and jetting operations on sheep.

Existing stocks of the five products already sitting on retail shelves or purchased prior to the suspension may be used according to current label instructions for a period of two years. Users, however, should check that any such use complies with state OH&S requirements.

The APVMA is currently evaluating new data which may enable the use of diazinon to continue in an automated cage dipping system currently operating in Australia.
If the data demonstrate that use of diazinon product in the cage dipping system is safe for workers, the APVMA will issue a permit to operators of the cage dipping system, so that they can continue to dip sheep using diazinon products.

The decision to suspend the use of diazinon for sheep dipping and jetting follows consideration of submissions to the Preliminary Review Findings (PRF) report released in June 2006. Amongst other recommendations, the PRF proposed the discontinuation of uses of diazinon products for sheep dipping and jetting because of evidence showing these practices may have unacceptable impacts on the occupational health and safety (OH&S) of rural workers.

Diazinon is a broad-spectrum organophosphorus insecticide widely used in Australian wool production and in collars for external parasite control in companion animals. It is also used to a lesser extent on other animals and in agriculture and horticulture for control of insects on crops, ornamentals, lawns, fruit and vegetables and as a pesticide in and around domestic, agricultural and public buildings.



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