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Diazinon Review Released

30 June 2006

ref: mr06/06

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), the independent national regulator of agricultural and veterinary chemicals, has today released the second part of its preliminary findings of a review into the chemical diazinon.

Diazinon is a broad-spectrum organophosphorus insecticide widely used in Australian wool production and in collars for external parasite control in companion animals. It is also used to a lesser extent on other animals and in agriculture and horticulture for control of insects on crops, ornamentals, lawns, fruit and vegetables and as a pesticide in and around domestic, agricultural and public buildings.

The APVMA has registered some 78 products which contain diazinon.
The preliminary review findings are that a number of current uses of diazinon-based products may provide unacceptable risks to rural workers, could leave unacceptable chemical residues on a range of horticultural produce and could create an unacceptable environmental risk in a small number of cases.

In consequence the APVMA proposes to cancel the registrations of a number of products and vary the permitted uses of a range of others.
The major impact of these proposed changes is that diazinon-based products currently used for dipping or jetting sheep to control external parasites such as lice would no longer be available because of their possible impact on the health of rural workers.

Similarly, the use of diazinon-based products to control insect pests on a wide range of vegetable crops would also be discontinued.
Other uses of diazinon that would be discontinued include its use as an insecticide in domestic and enclosed commercial areas, uses associated with water bodies and in dog shampoos. Use patterns that can continue include dog and cat collars and cattle ear tags.

The APVMA’s review of diazinon commenced in 1996. Since the commencement of the review, reports have been released in August 2000, September 2002 and April 2003.

Significant consultation with interest groups has taken place throughout the review including a major workshop in December 2005 to discuss sheep dipping applications.

The APVMA is seeking public comment on Part 2 Preliminary Review Finding. Interested members of the public have until 29 September 2006 to provide us with their views.


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