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Queensland company fined for supplying an unregistered pesticide

1 April 2003 media release no. 03/3

Queensland company, Pestech Australia Pty Ltd was found guilty in the Southport Magistrate's Court on 12 March for supplying an unregistered agricultural chemical product. This follows an investigation by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority into the sale of 'Py-Bo', a pyrethrum based insecticide.

The company was convicted and received a fine of $6000, an amount that actually exceeded the total product sales by a considerable margin according to APVMA Manager of Compliance, Stephen McDonald.

The law requires that all agricultural and veterinary chemical products be registered by the APVMA before they can be imported, supplied, sold or used in Australia.
'We are very active in ensuring that this law is complied with in the interests of Australian consumers and producers,' Mr McDonald said.

'Under our compliance strategy, a thorough investigation of breaches has resulted in a number of convictions in recent years. This is sending a clear message that we're serious about the law,' he said.

'Consumers cannot have confidence in the reliability, efficacy or safety of chemical products that have not been scientifically evaluated and registered by the APVMA. They quite naturally expect chemical products to be properly assessed and approved prior to being offered for sale', Mr McDonald said.

'Unregistered chemical products with unapproved or incomplete directions for use pose a very real risk to farmers and consumers due to residue problems in food and crop failures resulting from poorly performing products', he said.

'Registration of agricultural chemical products provides a stamp of security that the products have been scientifically evaluated to ensure they do not pose an unacceptable risk to human health, worker safety, the environment or trade, and work effectively', Mr McDonald said.

Pestech Australia Pty Ltd has subsequently registered the product.