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Scope Document Released For NRA's Review of 1080

NRA 02/4 12 July 2002

The NRA has now released the scope document for its review of the animal pest bait 1080, the NRA's Review Coordinator, Dr Eva Bennet-Jenkins has advised.

'The scope document sets out clearly the issues surrounding the chemical, defines what the review is to address and details the data required by the NRA in order to conduct a comprehensive assessment of 1080'. Dr Bennet-Jenkins said.

The issues to be covered by the review include

  • environmental aspects including
  • persistence of 1080 in baits and poisoned animals
  • effects on non-target animals
  • effectiveness of 1080 as a vertebrate pest control agent and its role in environmental protection
  • animal welfare considerations
  • examination of product labels and associated information material

Prior to commencing the review of this widely used chemical bait, the NRA sought information from all interested parties on what the actual scope of the review should cover.

'The response to the call for submissions to the scope document was impressive'. Dr Bennet-Jenkins said. 'We received more than 250 submissions from industry bodies, landholders, environmental and conservation groups, many other organisations and the general community'.

'The submissions provided us with valuable information on the way 1080 is currently used and raised an array of issues to do with its benefits and adverse consequences'. Dr Bennet-Jenkins said.

The scope document is now available on the NRA website at

The formal review of 1080 has commenced with the release of the scope document. Interested parties are requested to provide data that addresses the specific deficiencies highlighted in Section 7.1 of the scope document by email to or by mail to Review Coordinator, National Registration Authority, PO Box E240, KINGSTON ACT 2604. These should reach the NRA by 23 August 2002.