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NRA wants tighter controls for rabbit bait, Pindone

NRA 02/3 3 June 2002

Pindone concentrate products used to bait rabbits should be declared restricted chemicals according to the National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (the NRA) which has completed a review of the risks associated with pindone use.

The NRA, the Federal Government's regulator of agricultural and veterinary chemicals, undertook the review of pindone because of concerns over the possible impact of the chemical on native fauna.

The NRA's manager of chemical review, Dr Eva Bennet-Jenkins said that the review found that special skills are needed to mix pindone concentrate products correctly to minimise the risk these baits pose for native animals.

'Without specialist training, people using pindone concentrate run the risk of accidentally mixing dangerous super strength baits', she said.

'We will be recommending to Government that it take the formal step of declaring pindone concentrate products restricted chemicals', Dr Bennet-Jenkins said.

'Restricting the supply of pindone concentrate products will ensure that they can only be supplied to and used by people who have completed specialist training to enable them to mix baits that have minimal risk for native wildlife', Dr Bennet-Jenkins said.

'Pre-packed, ready to use pindone products were found to present little risk to native fauna. Access to these products will therefore not be restricted and existing arrangements for over the counter availability will continue', Dr Bennet-Jenkins said.

Another important precautionary control to be placed on the use of pindone is the requirement for clear and detailed label instructions for conducting baiting programs. This applies to both concentrate and ready to use products.

Pindone is an anticoagulant vertebrate poison that has been registered for use in Australia for the control of rabbits for more than 20 years.