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NRA Gives Go Ahead for Pesticide to Fight the Cane Grub

NRA 01/ 7 4 September 2001

The National Registration Authority (NRA) has issued an emergency use permit for the pesticide Confidor to help control Australia's worst sugar cane pest, the greyback cane grub.

According to NRA Executive Manager of Registration Mr Peter Raphael, the NRA has issued an emergency permit for a new pesticide, Confidor, to be used in the fight against the cane grub between now and 31 December 2001.

'The greyback cane grub causes extensive crop damage throughout Central and North Queensland's valuable sugar cane crop every year. The effect of the cane grub can be catastrophic.'

' It is vital that the sugar industry has an effective weapon against this pest at its disposal,' Mr Raphael said.

'There are treatments that can be used at planting but Confidor will provide industry the first means to protect the vulnerable, and very valuable, first and second ratoon crops from damage,' he said.

'Without effective control, damage and loss from the greyback cane grub could be as high as $25m this year,' he said.

'Research by a number of organisations has been conducted over the last few seasons into finding alternative products to control cane grubs. However, at present no products are registered for the control of greyback cane grub in ratoon sugarcane crops,' Mr Raphael said.

Growers wanting to use Confidor under the permit must attend a GrubPlan training workshop organised by the Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations in conjunction with local CANEGROWERS offices and Cane Protection and Productivity Boards.