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For vets

This page provides vets with a one-stop shop for convenient links to APVMA news, resources and information sharing. We welcome your feedback on topics and issues that you’d like to see on this page.

Reporting problemsReporting problems

As a vet you’re in a unique position to identify potential issues with veterinary medicines—or products that may breach our registration requirements. You can lodge an adverse experience report on behalf of your clients or you may wish to report an actual or suspected breach of the APVMA’s registration requirements.

Finding out about registered productsFinding out about registered products

With thousands of new products being registered each year (and other product registrations being suspended or cancelled from time to time), it’s important to know how to access the most recent registration information (including links to our mobile app for iPhone) from our product and permit databases.

You can also find out what types of veterinary products require registration and information about product recalls or other compliance alerts of interest.

Advice for your clientsAdvice for your clients

Your clients may be concerned about the cost of veterinary medicines in Australia and want to order them online from unregistered sources. It’s important they understand that they are breaking the law if they purchase unregistered products. Remind your clients:

  • Veterinary medicines purchased overseas may differ from those registered in Australia
  • Buying unregistered veterinary medicines online or from people who break packs down into smaller sizes is illegal

Show them how to check for APVMA approval numbers: tell them to ‘flip the pack, check the back’.

Here are some fact sheets that may be useful for your clients:

Professional issues for vetsProfessional issues for vets

From time to time we publish information that is of general professional interest to vets—here are some current topics of interest:

Staying in touch with APVMA news and eventsStaying in touch with APVMA news and events

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Veterinary Products, Active Constituents and Permits

  • Applications for new products and variations to existing registered products
  • Application fees, registration requirements and guidelines
  • Approval of active constituents and chemistry requirements
  • Permits for off-label minor uses, research purposes or emergency situations


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