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Advice Summaries - 2005

The APVMA must publish an advice summary where, in making the decision to grant the application, it relied on advice received from a person, body or government it consulted. For more information read the Guideline to the Type of Information the APVMA will Routinely Publish in Relation to Applications (PDF 47kb).

Advice summaries should be read in conjunction with the standard conditions of registration and approval.

You can search the list of advice summaries by product name or number using the EDIT menu and FIND option in the browser menus at the top of your screen.

Advice summaries are published in PDF format. You will need adobe acrobat software to read the files.

Advice Summaries by Year

Published in 2005

Date Published Product No. Application No. Product Name
6 Dec 2005 51321 36975 Affirm Insecticide (PDF, 258kb)
6 Dec 2005 58041 36939 Rattoff Zinc Phosphide Bait Sachets (PDF, 262kb)
6 Dec 2005 59837 36852 Flint 500 SC Fungicide (PDF, 297kb)
6 Dec 2005 59621 36246 Homeguard Termite Moisture Barrier (PDF, 276kb)
24 Oct 2005 53771 36357 Suscon Plus Soil Insecticide (PDF, 275kb)
10 Oct 2005 59269 36120 Biflex Ultra-lo-Odour Termiticide and Insecticide (PDF, 262kb)
10 Oct 2005 46227 36263 Gaucho 600 Flowable Seed Dressing Insecticide (PDF, 269kb)
10 Oct 2005 58855 36672 Crop Care Delan 700 WG Fungicide (PDF, 268kb)
22 Aug 2005 55753 36155 Confidor Guard Soil Insecticide (PDF, 275kb)