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Application Summaries

For many applications, the APVMA is required to publish a summary of the application shortly after the applicant has been notified that the application has been accepted for assessment, ie after it has passed screening. The types of applications requiring an application summary include those for new active constituents, products and labels and applications involving variation to products and labels, where the variation involves a change in the use, supply or disposal of the product.

The summary will include details of the application as specified in the Regulations governing Application Summaries (external site). The Regulations require different application summaries depending on the type of application and will include different combinations of the following details:

  • applicant name
  • application number;
  • active constituent name and number;
  • product name and number;
  • application purpose and description of active constituent or product use;
  • a list of what data was provided with the application and considered required by the APVMA (as discussed in data protection requirements above); and
  • the relevant reference active constituent and or product names and numbers.

The APVMA publishes application summaries in weekly installments using the date the application was accepted for assessment. By selecting the month of interest below, the products, with application summaries available, will be displayed. To see the summary, select the product of interest. If an application summary has been amended then the APVMA will publish the amended version separately. As a requirement of Regulations 8C & 8E, some product names will appear as 'NOT AVAILABLE'. A summary will be removed from this page, 28 days after the application has been finalised.