Chapter 2Organisation Overview

Funding arrangements

The APVMA is a cost-recovery agency. Most of its operational income comes from registrants of pesticides and veterinary medicines.

Registrants pay application fees to register new products and active constituents, amend a current registration, or apply for a permit. An annual fee is payable each year to renew the registration of a product. Registrants also pay an annual levy based on the sales (and other disposals) of their registered products.

In the 2010–11 Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook Statement, the Australian Government announced $8.75 million of funding over four years (including an additional $2.5 million in 2010–11) to implement the Better Regulation of Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (the Better Regulation reforms).

The APVMA’s income for 2010–11 was $30.037 million, an increase of $5.258 million (21.22 per cent) from 2009–10. This increase in revenue is primarily due to an increase in levy revenue of $1.55 million as well as the $2.5 million additional government appropriation mentioned above.

Figure 1: APVMA within the Australian Government

Figure 1: APVMA within the Australian Government

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